Woodsmoke Info               Geranium Info for 4-H Members

WHAT IS 4-H? 4-H is an organization that guides youth in their personal growth and development. 4-H members "LEARN BY DOING" as they complete worthwhile projects in over 70 areas.  Projects may be done by the members on their own or with some parental help. Project workshops are also available in many project areas.  Workshops are held during the spring and summer with a few in March, April or May.

4-H members may be independent or be assigned to a club.  The 4-H Club Leader can provide valuable information about the 4-H program and offer encouragement. Clubs are organized around school boundaries but a student may attend a club any place they wish in Wayne Township or Speedway. Some clubs have field trips and other interesting and fun activities.  Club work may also include worthwhile group service projects.